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Green Organizing Green Organizing is an environmentally-friendly approach to professional organizing, emphasizing the principles of reduce, re-use, and recycle.

Going green and getting organized go together perfectly. They play equal parts in our efforts to live in harmony and balance with the world, while simultaneously creating personal spaces that are comfortable, beautiful, and functional.

We provide green organizing services for all areas of your home and office. We also offer lectures on getting organized and going green.

Our green services include:

A Green Audit of your home of office. This is a custom plan to help make your space more environmentally friendly. We can also help you to implement this plan.

Services to donate, free-cycle, sell, and recycle as much as possible.

Creative methods of re-purposing and re-using items you already own.

Tips on simple ways you can make your home more green, including information on green cleaning.

Resources for green service contractors (painters, movers) and products.

Please call us for a complimentary phone consultation on how we can help you get organized and go green!

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