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"I always say 'when there is order in my house there is order in my soul'...Sarah Buckwalter at Organizing Boston can create order where there was once only clutter. She transformed my kitchen into a calm oasis simply by ordering my drawers, cabinets, and pantry. Ahhhhh....calm prevails. Give yourself the gift of working with Sarah."

- Mimi Doe, best-selling author of Busy but Balanced (St. Martin's Press) and founder of


"You are so calm, cool, and collected. Your nurturing, gentle approach and your forward thinking on behalf of your clients helped me to completely change my life. I don't miss any of the stuff."

- Carol N.

"Dear Sarah, I just wanted to thank you for the effort, time and thought you have put into helping us purge, move and get organized. Plus you are a lot of fun to hang out with! After all the pain and stress I have been through with my separation and divorce, to have a new home and life, is a blessing. Thank you. I could not have done this without you."

- Renee

"I was very, very pleased with Sarah's work. She's bright, young and extremely pleasant and perceptive. She assisted us in packing, organizing and moving my department during an enormously stressful time. We were able to move smoothly without a hitch and never lost a thing. Plus all my staff enjoyed Sarah as a person. I would highly recommend her."

- J. Proctor, Director, Boston Museum of Science

"Working with Sarah was all very intense and exhausting, but worth every hour. She has taught me a thought process: Do I really need to keep this? I can now let go of stuff. I've learned to value my space more than the things in it."

- M. Pilecki, Vice President, Bank of America

"Sarah did a great job helping me clear the clutter out of my office. She also helped me put together a filing system for my bills and other documents that I need to keep. I feel great! It's like all this weight has been lifted off my back and I can breath freely. I think everyone should free themselves from clutter!"

- J. Sullivan

"I love that Sarah not only helped me organize what I have, but she worked with me to do it in a way that made sense to me and that I could easily maintain. She also had a knack for placing things so the room just *felt* nicer to be in."

- D. Willcuts

"Hi Sarah, I just wanted to say how appreciative we were of Kate's services. She was professional and compassionate to my sister. What a difference! I would recommend Kate anyday."

- S. Kates

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